AEG 16830 / 14720 Lavamat Turbo

AEG 16830 / 14720 Lavamat Turbo

Door blocked

The Door is blocked and can no longer be opened the standard way. This is a result of a broken little piece of plastic. The quick way to open the door is to take a thin cord and place it between the door and the machine. This way you can pull back the bolt securing the door and so open the door.
For replacing the broken plastik you need a doorkit (Electrolux Distriparts 000050277718008 Kit,Griff,Bullauge). This costs up to 50,- Euros.

The disassembled door

The shutter of the door

Opening up the door

The nib holding the door together

The replacement Kit
Electrolux Distriparts 000050277718008
Kit, Griff, Bullauge

The broken part

E20 error on drying cycles ONLY / Condensor blocked by flurr

After 2 years of having the washing machine the drying experience got worse and worse. And we got more and more of these "E20 Errors" while trying to get dry laundry. One Minute you could see that you'd still have 42 minutes left to wait and in the next second the display changes to E20. First attempt was to clean the machine including the fluff filter. Next attempt was flushing and draining the complete system backwards. But there were no hairs, fluff or other stuff in these parts of the machine which blocked anything. But then looking arround som Forums and other posts I had success.The "The condenser Unit was blocked by fluff and limescale".
In my case this happened about 2,5 years after I bought the machine. If you have a dog a horse, ... and wash your rugs or horse blankets it might get blocked even quicker!

Quick check if that's you problem too

You want to be sure and want to have a look at the condensor unit? Just take of the top lid (2 screws marked red) and have a look at the condensor unit. marked red in the picture. If it's clear white plastik you do have another problem. If you see dark spots or the color is down to almost blurry black then you should go for cleaning it.

Opening and cleaning

The solution is to open the washing machine and clean out the blocked condenser unit.

As always, only do this if you know what you're doing and are competent working on an appliance with it disconnected from the mains!

The lid and the back part of the cover have to be removed to see a clear/white (for you blurry/black/grey) plastic chamber below the fan motor. Remove the chamber, clean it out by flushing it with warm water.

Opening the machine in detail:

I found this description in a Forums post which proved to be really helpfull.