Webcam with "Pattern Recognition" to improve Track Data

Webcam with "Pattern Recognition" to improve Track Data

Felix Loew already stated on that he thinks one future use of ARToolkit can be seen in recognition of Traffic Signs.

The idea is:
  • Place a - comparable cheap ($49,-) - WEB-Cam into your car.
  • Then add a small and reasonably small PC to it.
    Doesn't need any Display. So an NSLU2 or something similar would be enough.
  • Then have a Pattern matcher running and trying to see all the traffic signs. An Example would be ARToolkit (Mini Howto for ARToolkit in Debian is here)
  • This information can be used to add more info to your Map gathering Process. You could automagically add Speed Limit Info to your Street Segments. or add automagically Street-/City- Names to your recorded Tracks.

Something like

Usefull Traffic Signs:

Some Examples:
  • Highway Start
  • City Start End

  • Speed Limit xy
Another Category of usefull Signs would be the Street names.

Example Street Signs

A small collection of street Signs for testing
A small collection of street Sign Snapshots for testing

More Links for recognizing road signs