Many thanks to all the busy and hard-working mailers sending SPAM-mails to me. I must admit that you have tried very hard. Sending 1000 SPAM-mails/day to one domain is not too bad ;-) But loosing about 999 mails in the SPAM-Filters or trash per day is not really a good result. So please try a little harder and harder ...

Since many people still think I do like SPAM. (Btw; my filters are currently registering an average of 100 Spam Mails/day). Here are some address, these people are invited to send their mails to
If you really want me to buy some useless toys. Yes I do by a lot of useless toys ;-) You should focus on advertising things which have at least one (better multiple) of the following Geek factors:
  • Open Source
  • Buildt in GPS
  • Touch-Screen
  • Keyboard
  • Touchpad
  • enough RAM
  • Display
  • Harddrive
  • Antenna
  • Network
  • talks IP
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • talks NMEA
  • at least two of the above, but also smaller than 2cm*2cm*2cm
  • ...